Hello, me or: What the past eleven months have taught me

Posted: December 6, 2011 by Rachel

I’ve come to realize a few things about myself since moving to Las Vegas this past January. Some good, some bad (but that’s the way it goes).
  1. I almost always need to be doing something creative. Otherwise, I feel lost and not like myself.
  2. I cut my hair to my shoulders and wonder why I didn’t do it sooner.
  3. I am even more of a nerd than I thought I was (and proud of it)
  4. I really am tired almost all the time regardless of how much or how little I slept the night before.
  5. Not all friends are meant to be in your life forever, and that’s okay.
  6. Photography makes me unbelievably happy.
  7. It is possible to complete the 50 Book Challenge
  8. Not working was fun for the first few months, but now I’m just getting tired of it and am very anxious to get a job and swing back into a routine.
  9. No matter how tight you are with your best friends, thousands of miles in between is still a hell of a lot to bear.
  10. You think you couldn’t love a person more, until you marry them and your heart feels like it could burst from it all. (I can only imagine how much further it grows when children first come into the picture).
  11. I have a little OCD in me; I just needed my husband to bring it out of me.
  12. The bigger the cup of tea the better.
  13. I always wanted a sister, and it’s been amazing having one who lives so close to me (my other sister-in-law is back in Toronto, before which she was in Vancouver and Scotland).
  14. I am definitely not a person who can stay up late.
  15. I am more traditional that I thought; I have come up with a few traditions that I want my husband and I to start re: christmas and anniversaries.
  16. It will probably take me a few years before I begin to miss snow.
  17. I like bright coloured lipstick, like in the photo above.
  18. I have more patience that I thought.
  19. I have high expectations when it comes to work environments; mainly I want to work with nice, fun, hardworking, friendly people. I don’t think that’s too much to ask for.
  20. I still have an obsessive need to write lists.