Summer Manifesto

I’m a list person; it’s how I stay organized and motivated. Before we were married my husband and I both wrote lists of what we wanted out of our marriage, and ever since then I’ve been looking at my list making in a different light. So when I came across a couple of my favourite bloggers writing out their summer manifesto’s I knew I just had to jump right in.

This is what I want out of my summer:

I highly suggest that you check out Ali Edwards’ list, and below her post are links to other bloggers’ lists as well. They are all a great read, and really put things into perspective.
What about you? What would your summer manifesto look like? If you write one, I’d love for you to comment and leave the link the link for me to check out!

Reading & Watching

Book | Wanderlust: A Love Affair with Five Continents by Elisabeth Eaves; If someone were to ask me to describe what I’ve been thinking about lately, what has propelled me forward, it could be well iterated by this one line from the story: “Wanderlust is not a passion for travel exactly; it’s something more animal and tickle – something more like lust.”
Magazine | We Like We Love – Issue 10; WLWL is one those amazing online magazines that just make you lust after and for the places and fashion that you see on its pages. Not to mention it’s run by the inspiring Alyssa Yuhas of I Like Nice Things (and her awesome husband does a lot of of the photography).
TV | Mad Men; How could I not, now that it’s back on the air! Ever since last season’s finale I was dying to find out if Don and Megan ended up getting married and if they did, how their married life had turned out. I find that part of the storyline so intriguing. 
Online | A few favorites:
  • Please tell me that know who Ali Edwards is. Her Week in the Life project is just so incredibly inspiring, and each year that she does it I get more and more determined to do it myself one day.
  • Do you follow the Habit Blog? It’s full of daily photos capturing pieces of every day life.
  • These photographs from Elsie’s vacation in Hawaii make me really miss our honeymoon. Since that trip to Maui I’ve known I want to go back again one day.

On Figuring Things Out

I’ve been living in my head these past few weeks, consumed by anything and everything… until yesterday when it just kind of… clicked.

My mind is full of clutter.

And what do you do with clutter? You sort through it and get rid of what you don’t need, careful to shelve anything of importance.

For too long now I have had this idea of what my life should look like, and this idea has been far too heavily influenced by the blogs that I read and the photos that I look at every single day.

Well, no more.

I’m taking a break. Stepping back. Rethinking things, and then rethinking them all over again.

I’ll be back, eventually. Until then, only my journal knows.