Project Life 2014 • Title Page

When it came to design my 2014 album title page, I went back and forth more times than I can count. Eventually, I settled on a simple, clean design using a Gina Cabrera paper from DDE and my own “hello” writing. I’m really trying to simplify my process in 2014, so this was a good start.

If you have posted your 2014 title pages, please leave a comment below so I can check it out!


Project Life is a product, system and a lifestyle created by Becky Higgins. In 2014, I’m creating spreads throughout the year. Here are all of my pages from 2013 + 2014.

Project Life • Week 51 ( and a freebie! )

I had such a great time with this weeks spread, trying out new templates that I made, and even designing my own striped cards!

AND, if you scroll down, I’m offering 4×6 and 3×4 striped card as my first official project life freebie!

This week I used design A pages, which I will be doing all through next years’ album, and taking a leaf from the wonderful Manda Townsend, I used vellum circles for journalling, and I absolutely LOVE how it looks!

For the black and white striped card freebies, please click here to download.
project life is a product, system and a lifestyle created by becky higgins. in 2013, i’m creating spreads throughout the year. here are all of my pages from 2013 + 2014.

project life • my 9 must-have products for 2014

I’ve mentioned before how 2013 was very much for experimenting and seeing what techniques and styles I would love or lose. As such, I’ve got a much clearer picture of what products I will be – or hope to – use in my 2014 album. Here are just a few:

1. Self-adhesive avery tabs – to label my inserts.

2. Midnight edition core kit and digital kit – it’s still my favorite set.

3. Staz on ink pad – when I first started using stamps I ran to hobby lobby and bought a fairly inexpensive pad, but i’ve had a lot of problems with it not stamping well on my photos. i have read good things about this ink pad so I’m giving it a try.

4. A paper trimmer – because cutting my printouts with scissors makes for some horribly messy lines!

5. Elise joy stamps – I want them all, but selected this one and this one.

6. Paislee Press digital papers – I recently went a little purchase crazy at the paislee press store. The minimalistic look has become more and more appealing to me.

7. Targus Stylus pen for iPad – I mentioned that I want to incorporate more of my own handwriting as brushes next year. This will help me to do just that along with the Bamboo Paper app on our iPad.

8. Project Life pens – I put off buying these because I didn’t think I had a need for them, but I gave in and I have to say they are great and write easily on everything!

9. Vellum labels – for journalling, inspired by Manda.

What are some of your go-to products?

10 things right now | DJ

Your bottom two teeth came through at five and a half months, we are surprised that after much horribly teething these past couple months, that no more have come through yet.

You smile the biggest, brightest smile every time someone familiar walks into the room, especially your daddy after he’s been working all day.

You no longer coo, instead you are working on words like mama (which you said before dadda!), dadda, and ow wow wow.

You love watching videos of yourself on my iPhone, so much so that you often laugh out loud.

You are crawling, crawling, crawling, and pulling yourself up to stand in front of everything: your play and learn table, the bookshelves, the couches – you name it. You are a busy little boy.

You mimic us at every opportunity. We cough, you cough. We smile, you smile. We laugh, you laugh. It’s completely adorable.

You’ve always been wearing clothes at least three months older than you are, but DJ, we can’t seem to keep up with your growing! It seems like every week I’m going through your closet and drawers and pulling out clothes to add to the giveaway pile.

When you’re upset you reach out for mama, often accompanying it with saying “mama”

You love when daddy lies down on the floor so you can crawl all over him.

You sleep just like I did when I was a baby: on your stomach with your butt up in the air. It makes me smile every time, DJ.

project life • documenting the negative

Here’s the reality: life isn’t always sunshine and roses, and if you have kids you know this to be especially true. 

If I documented my life through project life without talking about the rough moments along with the happy memories, I wouldn’t really be painting an accurate portrait, would I? 

I believe that making it through the rough times helps to make us stronger, better people, so I say why not! I want to look back and see a note about how tough the week was and how exasperated and exhausted we were because of DJ’s teething and know that hey! we got through it and came out on the other side! 

We had a particularly rough go a couple weeks ago. I was sick and DJ was going through a tough phase, and as a result I didn’t take many photos or do much that was worthwhile, so I cut up a 12×12 sheet of scrapbook paper, filled the right side of my spread, and wrote myself a short note that said: “somehow we made it through the week: my awful cold, DJ’s sleep regression + fussiness… it was the hardest week yet.”

This is just one example of how I document the negative in project life.

What do you think? Do you document real life, ups and downs and all?

project life • my 2014 approach

First of all let me just say that I’m happy to be back. It turns out that while a break was very much in need of, I missed this little space that I have built. Now that that’s out of the way…

As 2013 creeps closer to an end I have found myself thinking more and more about how I am going to approach my 2014 album. If you didn’t already know, 2013 was my first year doing the project and it involved a lot of experimentation. Some spreads I loved, and some I was terribly disappointed in. I definitely learned what I like and don’t like, and that will help greatly with my 2014 album.

Here are my plans for project life 2014:

  1. To start, I’m hoping that Santa brings me the black 12×12 album I added to my wish list.
  2. I’m using only Design A pages, as I decided that I like the uniform look.
  3. Since I use paper elements as well as digital ones, I will likely round my corners in order to keep everything uniform and consistent.
  4. I will be doing more of my journalling on the computer. If I had nicer writing then maybe I would handwrite like I did this year, but I’m just not happy with how it looks.
  5. More white space!
  6. I will be using Midnight Edition dividers again.
  7. I want to use some kind of weekly review card where I can write out all the things that happened and perhaps weren’t covered in photographs or journalling. I will probably create a design myself that I will use each week to keep things looking consistent.
  8. More digital cards and papers. I absolutely love Paislee Press items and plan to use a lot more of them next year.
  9. Include more of my own handwriting. Thanks to a great app on our iPad called Bamboo Paper I can write away, email the photo to myself, and use it as an overlay on my top of my photos in photoshop. So easy and quick!
  10. In my 2013 album, my title cards are always different. I think that next year I will aim for a more uniform look, possibly using the same style card and simply changing up photos, designing something of my own, or using Caylee’s weekly title cards. I’m still undecided on this one.
  11. Each week will get its own full spread. This year if I had a slow week or didn’t take many photos, I would only use half a spread for the week, and in the end would dislike how it looks. If I don’t have much going on that week I will use a big photo or something along those lines to fill up space. I keep using the word ‘uniform’, but that’s what I’m aiming for in 2014.
This year, my first year of project life, taught me a lot. I’ve experimented a lot, and as a result have come closer to figuring out my style. 2014 is for execution!
What are you all doing differently next year? What did you learn from your 2013 album?

the honest truth

I have, for many many years, had issues with constantly comparing myself to others: what they are wearing in comparison to me, what they do with their children, how they look, and how and where they live. When DJ was born I suddenly had these ideas of how we should be living, and what type of mother and woman I was going to be. I had set the expectations far too high, and what has happened is that I have exhausted myself, emotionally, mentally and physically.

morning, in film.

I followed people on instagram with great style, or great careers, with beautiful families and homes, telling myself that I could enjoy them for what they are, but the truth is that I can’t. I can’t look at women who look amazing every single day. I can’t stand to watch even my favorite photographers do what they do best. I can’t simply enjoy a beautiful kitchen without thinking that mine is somehow inferior. I can’t adore a beautiful photograph without wishing that I could take one like it, or that I had whatever silly objects were in the photo, whether it be a coffee mug, a placemat, a carpet or chair. It isn’t about jealousy – it’s not that at all – it’s about my innate compulsion to compare myself to them, to compare my lives to theirs. And it’s not healthy.

So as a start, I unfollowed 65 people on instagram, namely fashion bloggers, photographers and even some mothers. I deleted 30 blogs from my reading list. I cleared out blog posts from my drafts folder that talked about fashion, or home decor, or other bloggers and photographers. I have put many of these peoples lives up on a pedestal for so long, that maybe not subjecting myself to the images and stories will help me to gain some perspective. I’m aware that there are some more underlying issues at hand here, but this is a start.

I’m ready to take a big step back and re-evalutate, because I have not been living in the moment. I have been living up in my rats nest of a head for too long, and missing out on everything in front of me.

So, I’m taking a break, reeling in my online presence a little, and just being for a while.

See you soon.


Project Life 2013 • Week 40

Welcome to project life 2013 | week 40 (Sept 30 – Oct 7)

Like my previous weeks’ spread, I added the dates to my photo instead of using a title card. I am absolutely loving the look of using large photos.

Here is the full spread with my monthly insert (details below)

left side:

Simple Design A with photos and card stock and a large photo of me enjoying a quiet moment with a cup of hot coffee.

right side:

 Design D page, journaling on card stock and photos. Simple, clean, cohesive!


As I do each month, when DJ turns another month older I do a mini shoot with him and include (4) 4×6 photos in an insert.

project life is a product, system and a lifestyle created by becky higgins. in 2013, i’m creating spreads throughout the year. here are all of my pages from 2013 + 2014.

Project Life 2013 • Week 39

Welcome to project life 2013 | week 39 (Sept 23 – 29)
Another week of photos and journalling on card stock. 
left side:

I used the Design D page and printed onto  low gloss paper right from home.

right side:

Kept it simple again with the Design A pocket page, journaling on card stock, and a Paislee Press week in review card to sum up the week.

project life is a product, system and a lifestyle created by becky higgins. in 2013, i’m creating spreads throughout the year. here are all of my pages from 2013 + 2014.

When will the judging stop?

It is not lost on me that there are millions of different ways to parent our children, and we all have our own reasoning or beliefs as to why we do what we do. We feed our children differently, encourage them to sleep differently, and our day-to-day lives entertaining and teaching our children most likely look quite diverse. And just as we have opinions on the best way to raise our own children, that quite likely means we have opinions on how not to raise them. I truly believe this is unavoidable, but what is completely within our control, is how we react to others with different beliefs.

Maybe it was the way I was raised, but I subscribe to the notion of saying nothing if I have nothing nice to say.
Over the weekend, a woman on Instagram who disagrees with my parenting style verbally attacked me. Some might say that my using the word attacked is exaggerating, but I disagree. This woman knows nothing about my child or my life, yet thought it was her duty to tell me that I am a terrible mother, and that what I am doing is child abuse and neglect. What is it that I am doing? I am attempting to sleep train my child so that we can all get a better nights’ sleep.
Some parents co-sleep with their baby, breastfeed on demand, and wear their children everywhere. Other parents’ feed their baby formula, and they sleep in a crib in their own room. One couple may be vehemently against crying it out, whereas others see it as necessary to growth and independence. I have my beliefs, and I stick to them, but what I don’t do is tear down others who don’t share these beliefs.
When will the judging stop?
Parenting is the hardest and most rewarding thing we will ever do. Our goals are all the same: to raise happy, healthy, well-adjusted children. Because my boy has been formula-fed since 8 weeks, that means I’m a worse mother than the one who breastfeeds her baby? Because he sleeps in his own crib, we’re bad parents? Because we have decided to sleep train our baby to sleep through the night, my “motherly instinct is failing me”?
When will the judging stop?
We should be praising one another for raising amazing children, lifting one another up for each difficult day that we get through, each smile that we are granted from our babies. Another mothers’ successes are my successes. We are all mothers and fathers. We know how difficult (and rewarding) parenting is. We need to stop tearing each other down if another couple doesn’t subscribe to our own beliefs.
But if you can’t do that, well, then just say nothing at all.