what no one’s talking about on social media

Posted: January 17, 2013 by Rachel

i came across this article from IBF the other day via breanna rose and i was immediately immersed in it. i’ve talked in the past about how much i want to share on this blog, that it’s important to be yourself and that i feel it is important to be real and relatable. i get that people want to put their best foot forward and “not be a downer” but i also think that the support that you can receive from your friends & readers really knows no bounds. whether it’s out of fear or insecurity that people don’t share the harder parts of their lives, i don’t know, but no one’s life is perfect, mine certainly isn’t. but that’s what’s so great about being real; others will be real right back.

the author of the article also asked this question, but i’m very curious, so i’m going to pose it as well:

What do you not share on social media or your blog? Is it because things feel to personal & private, or too negative or boring?