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Posted: January 17, 2013 by Rachel

i came across this article from IBF the other day via breanna rose and i was immediately immersed in it. i’ve talked in the past about how much i want to share on this blog, that it’s important to be yourself and that i feel it is important to be real and relatable. i get that people want to put their best foot forward and “not be a downer” but i also think that the support that you can receive from your friends & readers really knows no bounds. whether it’s out of fear or insecurity that people don’t share the harder parts of their lives, i don’t know, but no one’s life is perfect, mine certainly isn’t. but that’s what’s so great about being real; others will be real right back.

the author of the article also asked this question, but i’m very curious, so i’m going to pose it as well:

What do you not share on social media or your blog? Is it because things feel to personal & private, or too negative or boring?


  • Rachel April 23, 2015 at 2:10 pm

    wait, fashion bloggers return the outfits a few days later? do they really do that? i'm pretty sure that i just had what could be equated to your martha stewart moment. me oh my.

    i always kind of think of blogging as a visual journal of sorts, but then i also remind myself that i have been keeping actual journals since, oh, 1991-1992? why do i need them in two places? where i'm at now is more: i need the creative outlet of blogging!

    thanks for commenting lady!

  • tamara April 23, 2015 at 2:10 pm

    hmmm. good question!

    when I started blogging, in a round about way, I only ever considered Isla to be my audience – it was the easiest "baby book" I could muster, that tumblr blog was n' is. I guess, because of that, I'm pretty careful about what I share because, no matter how old we get, there are things about our parents' lives — individually + as a couple — we never want to know. my mum, for example posted "date night" as her status update the other day + I blushed, all "MO-OM, why you gotta say that!? ew!." by contrast, she would never tell me details about arguments her + my dad might have, even if it's just about what to have for dinner, because it's between them.

    sometimes I wonder about this very thing which is probably why it's been 90% photos as of late, but then I consider what my end goal of blogging is which is an archive for Isla. let's face it. the Internet doesn't forget a dang thing.

    it just depends what you're "selling"… for example, I was *devastated* when I ran into Martha Stewart herself in Central Park one November. I still can't get over the fact she wasn't hand basting a turkey at home for a table of eager guests. *womp womp* dream shattered. or when fashion bloggers post all these outfits + you find out they return all the items a few days later. if you're blogging to give the impression of one thing, but it's a whole different story behind the scenes, that's a problem. but if you're quiet about certain topics, I think that's okay. that's the beauty of a URL. you can share whatcha like 🙂


  • CMP April 23, 2015 at 2:10 pm

    My general rule on privacy is universal no matter the audience. If the platform is personal but public ie: the days of online journalling I feel that this is still in essence my sanctuary and though some are allowed to view they can't condemn.

    Everything else: social media especially I apply the same rule I do to my friends and family. There are very few things I am obligated to share about MY life. It's never a case of what will they judge it as (boring, negative etc) it's always a case of – I don't OWE any and everyone all the details of my life.

    I share what I feel like sharing with who I want to.

    I usually ask, does this person NEED to know this, will it affect their life dramtically to know? Because of social media I find that society demands to know – right now – about things that aren't even relevant to the average individual's life.

    But that's just me.
    I'm little miss penny party-pooper


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