36 weeks update

Posted: March 2, 2013 by Rachel

it’s hard to believe that i am 36 weeks along today. it feels like just yesterday i was anxious for a real “bump” so that i could stop looking chubby, and start looking pregnant. now that i’m sleeping horribly, having trouble breathing because he’s pushed up against my lungs and ribs, and going to the washroom almost constantly, i’m yearning for those early days (minus the horrible nausea and heartburn i experienced of course!).

we are getting very excited and extremely nervous to meet our little guy and it became all the more real when my parents told me that they booked their flights to come out in early april. my dad will be staying for two weeks, and my mother who is retired will be staying and helping for five weeks. i couldn’t be more grateful!

we are as prepared as we can be (with the exception of what i’m about to talk about), so the rest is up to intuition and instinct.

one week ago i told myself that by the time i hit 36 weeks i would have my hospital bag packed. i even woke up this morning to a couple emails from pregnancy emails lists that i’m subscribed to announcing that it’s time to pack the hospital bag!

well, this is about how far i have gotten to this point. 

as you can see, i’ve barely scratched the surface. so i’m giving myself a new goal that i must meet: to have my bags packed my this time next saturday, when i hit 37 weeks. hold me to it, guys.

only a couple more weeks until i finally show off the completed nursery!