living the length and the width

Posted: April 10, 2013 by Rachel

today i read something that struck me deep in my bones. i’m constantly amazed by moments like these: how you can be feeling something that you just can’t put into words only to have someone else do it for you. ali edwards couldn’t have said it better.

i want to be living the length and the width.

once you have children it’s easy to say ‘i used to be ________’ or ‘i used to do _______ more’ and lose sight of who you are as an woman and an individual, and i mean, i’m only two weeks into the whole parenting thing. it’s important to me that i still make time for myself and do things that i did before i became a mother. but i also want to do new things with my new family, and build new memories and traditions.

i want to be sure to live the length and the width.