Project Life 2013 | Weeks 26-28

Posted: July 25, 2013 by Rachel

What’s this? Am I finally catching up on posting?! DARN RIGHT!

Week 26
(Jun 24- Jun 30)

left side:
Plenty of little things happened this week so I used a “this week” card from the midnight set to highlight the details, alongside the 4×3 photographs. I’m really liking the Design F pages because I tend to use many more of the 3×4 / 4×3 cards than the 4×6 ones.

Week 26 right side:
I used the Design F page again (totally loving it!) for the other half of this spread. I highlighted date night with my husband (a free nights’ stay at Red Rock hotel and a movie). The following morning we went to the lake, which I highlighted in Week 27’s spread.

One of my favorite pieces from this spread was the folded card that I made: “ten things right now / DJ”. You can read them in the photo below, or you can see the blog post here.

Now, if you’re really paying attention, maybe you’re thinking: hey, shouldn’t there be an insert for DJ’s third month photos? Well, you’re right. I took the photos but I’m behind in making the insert. Eventually, my dear Watson…

Week 27


(Jul 1 – Jul 7)
Because it was a slow week I only did half a spread, and used a week in review card to record the highlights, including jet skiing at Lake Mead and seeing NKOTB, Boyz II Men and 98 Degrees at Mandalay Bay!





Week 28
(Jul 8 – Jul 14)

Another slow week = another half spread. Nothing of real consequence happened this week (and actually I struggled to find enough photographs to fill even half the spread.





project life is a product, system and a lifestyle created by becky higgins. in 2013, i’m creating spreads throughout the year. here are all of my pages from 2013 + 2014.

Introducing Big City Quiet

Posted: July 25, 2013 by Rachel

I have been debating a name change for quite a while now. I first created Heraura over 8 years ago and felt like it was time to move up and on to something more fitting to my life nowadays.

Big City Quiet will continue to document my life here in Las Vegas. I hope you will all stick around and enjoy the ride.