10 things right now | DJ

Posted: December 8, 2013 by Rachel

Your bottom two teeth came through at five and a half months, we are surprised that after much horribly teething these past couple months, that no more have come through yet.

You smile the biggest, brightest smile every time someone familiar walks into the room, especially your daddy after he’s been working all day.

You no longer coo, instead you are working on words like mama (which you said before dadda!), dadda, and ow wow wow.

You love watching videos of yourself on my iPhone, so much so that you often laugh out loud.

You are crawling, crawling, crawling, and pulling yourself up to stand in front of everything: your play and learn table, the bookshelves, the couches – you name it. You are a busy little boy.

You mimic us at every opportunity. We cough, you cough. We smile, you smile. We laugh, you laugh. It’s completely adorable.

You’ve always been wearing clothes at least three months older than you are, but DJ, we can’t seem to keep up with your growing! It seems like every week I’m going through your closet and drawers and pulling out clothes to add to the giveaway pile.

When you’re upset you reach out for mama, often accompanying it with saying “mama”

You love when daddy lies down on the floor so you can crawl all over him.

You sleep just like I did when I was a baby: on your stomach with your butt up in the air. It makes me smile every time, DJ.