the kind of woman i want to be

Posted: March 25, 2014 by Rachel

i want to read great books that make me feel alive.

i want to wash my face at the end of every day.

i want to successfully plant and keep a garden alive in my backyard.

i want to never speak ill of anyone.

i want to spend more time in coffee shops, writing, reading, or just sitting there thinking. what’s important is that it is time to myself, alone, out of the house and (hopefully) out of my head.

i want to wear red lipstick more often, because it makes me feel beautiful.

i want to never be too lazy to straighten my hair.

i want to inspire creativity in those around me.

i want to be someone that my friends and family can always count on.

i want to be more diligent about tweezing my eyebrows.

i want to have endless things to scribble in my moleskins. oh, and start a moleskin collection.

i want to never be too tired or lazy to cook a healthy dinner for my family.

i want to always say yes when my son wants me to play with or hold him.

i want to make money doing something that i love, surrounded by people that i respect and admire, in an environment that encourages friendship and creativity alongside hard work.

i want to write more handwritten letters.

i want to find balance between “rachel the mom” and “rachel the woman”.

i want to drink more tea and less coffee.

i want to always grow and learn to understand myself more.

i want to always write lists, simply because i find them comforting.

and above all else, i want to be true to myself.