on opening up

Posted: March 28, 2014 by Rachel

if you haven’t noticed, i’ve been getting a lot more personal around here these days (onetwo and three). the reasoning is two pronged; one: i didn’t want my blog to be all about scrapbooking (though there is of course nothing wrong with blogs that are, but BCQ is a lifestyle blog), and two: i have all of these thoughts/concerns/ideas in my head and i thought that maybe, just maybe, other people out there are going through the same thing.

boy was i right.

i’m blown away by the feedback from my personal posts. comments on the blog, comments on instagram and even emails. emails from strangers, someone who happened upon my blog, read it, and connected and my god! i feel so blessed that so many of you felt the need to reach out and tell me that you have been feeling the same way, or needed to read my words to know you’re not alone. i am so thankful for each and every one of you.


i did have one person reach out, someone who knows me a little more personally, and ask if i thought it was smart to be so personal on my blog. “isn’t that stuff you should keep to yourself? just write in your journal for only you to see?”

and i thought: why? i’m not sharing anything that i’m uncomfortable with. i don’t write anything that offends people (hopefully!). what i do is open up. i’m real. i’m honest. i write about the tough side of parenting. i write about tough relationships and bad days. these days who wants to read a blog that is so perfectly photographed, curated and edited that you can’t see the author in all of it?

the blogs that i love are all written by people who are real and honest, and that’s what keeps me coming back.

so to all of you who keep coming back, who comment and reach out: thank you. i hope that you continue to find someone you like here in my little space.