on having a boy

Posted: May 5, 2014 by Rachel

growing up, whenever i thought about having children, i knew one thing was true: i wanted two boys. and then when i got pregnant, i couldn’t get my mind off of having a girl. i would give her the name i had loved for years on end, i would braid her hair and when she was old enough, paint her little nails. we would shop together, and watch television together, and she would be creative and love to read just like me.

both my husband and i were convinced that we would have a girl, so when the sonogram showed that it was a boy, the first feeling that coursed through my body was that of disappointment. i carried that feeling with me through the remainder of my day, but the next morning i woke up suddenly excited beyond belief. we were having a boy! a little dominic running around! he could go for bike rides with his dad, and work on cars with him. he’ll probably have our curly hair, most likely my brown eyes. maybe he will love working with his hands like his dad and grandpa. he could still be creative and love to read just like me.

still, i was scared to have a son. what did i know about raising a boy?

and then. then. then.

i held him. and all those fears went away (to be replaced with new ones, lets be honest).

and now that baby, my little baby, is thirteen months old. he loves being outside, runs away from you, laughing, when he has something he knows he shouldn’t. he adores water, is addicted to blueberries, and says hi to everyone that crosses his path. every single day, i think about what our future will look like. sports, bike rides, dinosaurs, video games,  action figures and cartoons.

i’m almost certain that there won’t be a little girl in my future (or another son for that matter). for us, one is the perfect number. i’m so excited to be on this ride with my son. i can’t wait to see where life takes him and us, our perfect little family of three.

p.s. i find that people don’t often talk about their preference for having a boy or a girl, but i am curious. did you, or do you secretly hope for one or the other?