life’s great moments.

Posted: May 9, 2014 by Rachel

i am sitting outside writing this. the sun is warm, but not yet hot: that will come soon enough. there is a slight breeze that comes through every few moments, pushing loose strands of hair away from my face, tickling my ears and neck. it is a beautiful day, and as i watch my son run around chasing leaves, my watering can always in his right hand, i’m thinking about life’s great moments.

you know the ones i’m talking about. the moments that happen spur of the moment, and are sometimes over so quickly that you barely had time to recognize them.  i’m talking about the moments you wish you had a photo of, the moments that even though you didn’t have a camera around are etched in your mind, locked there forever.

my marriage is young, and my time as a mother is also just beginning. as such, so many of life’s great memories lay ahead of me.

today i’m dreaming of: afternoons at the park with my family, eating lunch on a big blanket under a shady tree. trips to the springs preserve and children’s museum. camping under the stars, unsuccessfully licking marsh mellows from our lips, waking early the next morning to go fishing. trips to disney world. trips anywhere and everything, near or far. teaching my son how to swim and watching over and over as he jumps into the water, so proud, so sure of himself. cheering from the sidelines at his sporting events. happily taping his artwork to the refrigerator door.

these are the moments that matter. these are the memories that push me forward to work as hard as i can. these are the moments that make life worth living, the moments that i will look back on in my old age and hold dear to my heart.

today and every day after it is an opportunity to do something great. big or small, alone or with your family: get out there and explore the city you live in. explore the world around you. meet new people. try new recipes. just live.

and when those great moments come along, make sure you’re paying close attention.