i’m not ashamed to admit it

Posted: May 22, 2014 by Rachel

i have this thing for men in their forties.
rob lowe, patrick dempsey, robert downey jr.
i tell dom: “heck, it bodes well for you.”
i’m not sure what it is, though. maybe:
the sexy salt and pepper hair
that they’re experienced
that they have their sh*t together
their confidence
and a few (hundred) other things

dom is thirty-eight and
looking better than he did the day i met him.
(i’ve never told him that, maybe i should)
men are so lucky that way.
they get better with age
so i say to him,
as he complains about the growing number of grey hairs on his head:
“you have nothing to worry about,
you’re as sexy as ever”
and i mean it.
just wait until he’s in his forties.
i won’t be able to keep my hands off of him.
if he grew some nice scruff (my weakness)
then it would really be on.

(and this obsession with age
as my thirtieth birthday approaches
is getting kind of old,
don’t you think?)