bedroom real estate

Posted: May 27, 2014 by Rachel

i’m not quite sure when it began,
this fight for space in bed.
one night I realized I was hugging the edge of the mattress
another night I was elbowed in the side of the head
and yet another night he was the one teetering on the edge of the mattress
shivering because I was hogging all the covers

somewhere along the line we seem to have become bad at sharing this space
and that worries me greatly
(what does it all mean, anyways?)
i’m suddenly thinking back to all the movies I’ve seen
depicting married couples sleeping in separate twin beds
and hell if I’m going to let that happen to us

i’m going to go ahead and blame it on my propensity to be an awfully light sleeper
which, combined with his snoring habit, equals disaster.
(not to mention a 14 month old who still isn’t fully sleeping through the night)
i love my sleep, I really do
and I’m a total brat if I don’t get the required hours
so all i can think about is
how on earth do we fix this?
and further:
why can’t I shut my mind off tonight long enough to drift off?
all these thoughts keep me up at night
even more so than playing subconscious tug of war over mattress real estate