the plight of the household

Posted: June 17, 2014 by Rachel

“i’m going to go and take a shower”
is never just about taking a shower.

it’s getting undressed and tossing your dirty clothes into the hamper,
which is full, so you start a load of darks
and discover that you forgot about the white load in the dryer last night.
you toss that load onto the bed and hop into the shower.
between blowdrying your hair and straightening it,
you begin to fold the laundry on the bed, half dressed might i add
because it’s (basically) summer and using the blowdryer
has turned your bathroom into a sauna.

once done folding you return to finish doing your hair
and slap on some under eye concealer and a coat of mascara
to hide how tired you really are
(oh and take another sip of your second coffee of the day).

back in your room the folded laundry is begging to be put away
and so far so good, there’s no screaming coming from downstairs
where your husband is watching your toddler,
so you keep on.

while putting away the laundry you’re almost guaranteed to:
find other items that need to be returned to their rightful places,
dust bunnies to be vacuumed up
a mirror splattered with toothpaste to be wiped down
socks to be matched up with their mates
(and don’t forget, a now cold coffee to finish)

by now the washer has finished it cycle,
so you toss the load into the dryer and shut the laundry room door
because the sound of jean zippers and buttons hitting the metal basin
is enough to drive you batty.

you take a deep breath and laugh softly because
nearly fifty five minutes have gone by, and
if you’re anything like me,
a shower is never just a shower.



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