hi from sunday night

Posted: June 23, 2014 by Rachel

embarrassingly enough:
i’m noticing more and more
that i’m having imaginary conversations in my head.
mostly, i’m speaking to people i wish i knew
people i wish were in my life.
the truth is: its lonely here in vegas
i’m lonely here in vegas
its been three plus years without my friends
the girls who know me best, who have seen me at my worst
who know me, and whom i know in return.
moving so far away from friends and family was never in the cards
at least not until i fell in love.

summer is officially here
the days are hot and long and sticky already.
i try not to stop long enough to really think about what it all means
another year away from them all.

one of my closest friends got engaged today
and from thousands of miles away
i felt like i had missed out.
(i always feel like i’m missing out).
and always
struggling to keep a smile on my face
long after
the magic
has gone.


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