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“A portrait of my child, once a week, every week in 2014”

He‘s stubborn and opinionated, hates what he hates and sure loves what he loves. Keys, remotes and “doing his hair” are among his true loves as of late.

Excerpts from my Journal | 03


I didn’t tell him that the reason I went out last night with him was because I knew it was a situation I would normally have avoided: a room full of people I don’t know, making small talk abound; a night that didn’t even begin until 9:30pm, and in this case didn’t end until 1:30am when I collapsed into bed.

I didn’t tell him that I went last night because I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it, do it well, and make it out alive.


I can’t recall if it was last night or this morning, but I was laying in bed and thought: I feel as though we’re different people now. I feel like I can’t relate to her the way I used to; I thought we’d at least always have that. I’m trying to recall what we have in common, beyond motherhood, but I’m drawing a blank.


I read in a book the other day that too many people feel they go through their lives not really living it, rather, simply existing. Reading that was like a punch in the stomach. “That’s me,” I thought. “That’s exactly how I feel.” And after I caught my breath I thought, ok,now that I’ve said it, what can I do about it?


So here it is, the truth: I’m too hard on myself. I can’t be everything for everyone and I can’t sacrifice what I want it order to make everyone else happy.

I’m a good mother. I may be impatient at times and need time away from DJ, but I am a good mother.

Stop being so hard on yourself, Rachel.

You are a good mother.


As I collapsed onto the bed in tears, all I could think was: this is the second time I’ve cried this week and it’s only Wednesday.



Excerpts from my journal, inspired by Ronnie.

Project Life 2014 | Week 46

Week 46!

If you don’t recognize the fun filler and journal cards, that’s because they’re new in my shop! You can check them out here.

Both sides are design A.

Look what made a comeback! I don’t know why I stopped making title cards like that. They always end up being my favorite part of the spread!

And the right side, design A.

And no spread is complete without at least one #kelliestamps !


* Project Life is a product, system and a lifestyle created by Becky Higgins. In 2014, I’m creating spreads throughout the year. Here are all of my pages from 2013, 2014 + 2015.

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“A portrait of my child, once a week, every week in 2014”

It feels like every day he becomes more adventurous, more daring, more confident. I feel so blessed that he is mine and that I get to watch him grow like this.

The Memory Keeping Attitude

When asked how long I have been taking part in Project Life, my answer is always the same: I began when I became pregnant with my son in mid-2012. But that’s not the whole truth, not really.

Though it was in July 2012 that I got my first taste of Project Life, I’ve been a scrapbooker since a young age.  Only my friend Jennie, my mother and my three closest cousins will remember this, but I used to create what I called “Anything Books.” These books contained, you guessed it, anything from magazine clippings to lists of my favorite songs scribbled in my ever-changing juvenile handwriting to letters back and forth between friends. They were usually created in coil notebooks and covered in photos of the Backstreet Boys or Freddie Prince Jr and went with me everywhere.  
2015 will be my third year documenting with Project Life. I’m often asked how I stay motivated, and how I find the time and energy to scrapbook. The simple truth is this: I have the right attitude.

I love pocket scrapbooking. I knew from the first page I completed that it was going to stick. Why? Because I’m obsessed with capturing life’s moments on camera. I have been since I picked up my first camera when I was still in the single digit age group. I’m even more obsessed with recording life on paper, beginning when I purchased my first ever journal way back in 1992. 
This place right here – Project Life, where words and photos intersect – this is where I belong. This is where I want to be, because I truly love it, and because I truly feel as if I have a million stories to tell. My story, the story of my family and our days is special because it is our life and no one else’s. No one else in the world is doing exactly what we’re doing, loving what we’re loving, becoming who we are becoming. This is our story and our story alone, and that makes it worth documenting. 
Memory keeping is not a chore. It’s not something meant to frustrate you or make you feel guilty. It is a gift that you are giving yourself, your family, and anyone else you share your albums with.

You can buy all of the supplies and you can tell everyone around you that you’re going to start Project Life, but if you don’t step in with both feet and the right attitude, you won’t be successful.

Anyone can do it, I am not the exception to the rule. I simply have the right attitude: the memory keeping attitude.

Project Life 2014 | Week 45

Week 45 (Nov 3- Nov 9).

After the craziness of week in the life I was more than ready for a simple, low-key week, and that is exactly what week 45 turned into.

Left side is design e, right side is design a.

I had a very productive week, and included an insert with a photo of my weekly planner.


* Project Life is a product, system and a lifestyle created by Becky Higgins. In 2014, I’m creating spreads throughout the year. Here are all of my pages from 2013, 2014 + 2015.

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“A portrait of my child, once a week, every week in 2014”

These days it’s near impossible to get a photo of him that isn’t blurry. He is constantly in motion, something he clearly gets from me, his mother-who-can’t-ever-sit-still. This will be one of those photos that he looks back on and says: “ahhh mooomm, why’d you have to share that one?”

Plans for Project Life 2015

As we approach the middle of November, I’ve been thinking about what I will do differently in 2015. I took a look back at my plans for 2014 (one and two) and have thought about what I’ve learned throughout the year and with each passing spread. Here’s what I’m thinking.

What will stay the same:

  1. The size. Back in June, I was convinced that it was going to make things much easier if I downsized to a smaller album size. I even gave 6×8 a try for a week. But I realized that I have so much to say about life that staying 12×12 is simply the best option for me.
  2. Minimal embellishments. I subscribed to the SC kit for six months earlier this year and what it taught me is that there are a lot of extras that simply aren’t my style. In 2015 I’m going to keep it simple when it comes to embellishments. Wood veneers, stamps and the occasional little extras.
  3. Page protector designs. Throughout my Project Life journey I have used a variety of page designs, and loved mostly every minute of it. I intend to keep using a variety of pages, more specifically design e, b, f and c
  4. Dividers. I started 2014 using the midnight dividers, but found the colors to be too distracting, so replaced them with the clear ones. I will definitely be doing the same in 2015.
  5. Printing at home. I realize that it’s more expensive this way, but printing at home is probably realistically why I have never been more than one week behind. I would like to try including some 12×12 prints in my 2015 album though, and those I would have to send out to a printer.
  6. Two Albums. Like I did this year, I will continue to divide my pages into two albums, one covering January to June and the other covering July through December. The WRMK faux leather albums are my favorite, I will be using these ones next year.
  7. Sharing. I will continue to share my spreads on a weekly basis, probably sticking with Mondays like I have done for a while now.

What will be different:

  1. Format. I’m going to go back to a weekly format, mainly because it will keep things more clean and organized. If I have more photos than available spots in a spread, I will either make a bonus spread or include an insert.
  2. Title cards. I go back and forth with these, some weeks using the actual title cards from various kits, and some weeks I create my own with card stock. Still other weeks, I simply date a photograph. I would like to keep things a little more consistent in 2015. 
  3. More storytelling. I’ve been good at including journaling in my spreads, but I really want to focus more on what stories I am writing about our lives. 
  4. POV. I tell myself constantly to include more from my husband, but so rarely follow through. I really want to make that a priority in 2015. 
  5. Background. This year I was really bad about consistently shooting my spreads on the safe surface and it drove me nuts. I will decide on a background for 2015 and stick to it!
So that’s where I’m at with my plans for Project Life 2015. I highly suggest you check out both Caylee’s plans and Kellie’s plans for next year as well.
What about you? What are you going to do differently (or the same) next year?

Project Life 2014 | Week 44 (Week in the Life)

Week 44 (Oct 27-Nov2) was the week that I took part in Week in the Life, so I chose to include a single photo from each day, since the week was oh-so-well documented in my week in the life album.

Both pages are design e, my favorite.

I kept things super, super simple by dating each photo and adding a wood veneer to mark the day, and fnished it off with cardstock for the title page and an adorable camera paper clip, part of a gift from the awesome Kelsey.


* Project Life is a product, system and a lifestyle created by Becky Higgins. In 2014, I’m creating spreads throughout the year. Here are all of my pages from 2013 + 2014.

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“A portrait of my child, once a week, every week in 2014”

I think that on the particularly hard days, it’s as though the universe knows that I need to see him fast asleep like this so that my heart can soften a little, and my cup of patience can be refilled.