Winter lists on a Monday morning.

Posted: January 19, 2015 by Rachel

We’ve had it easy so far this winter here in Las Vegas. There was a week of bone-chilling cold, and then things warmed up again. Christmas has gone, New Years is a memory, and January is in full effect.
This morning I’m thinking about the here and now.


things currently on the table.
laptop in need of charging
half-burnt candle
a discarded banana peel

things that haunt me.
disposing of my college journals.
all the stories I haven’t written.
the self-depricating voices in the back of my head.

things I want to do but won’t.
learn to surf.
go jeans shopping.
stop being envious of others.

the type of woman I want to be.

what I’m working on.
my marriage
writing. always writing.

things I’ve loved lately.
tiny beautiful things
red lipstick
ending every day reading
a new year

p.s. spring + summer lists.