home: right now

Posted: May 20, 2015 by Rachel

Last week I went to the movies with a girlfriend and while the ads ran we talked about our lives. There was talk of our sons (her: two, me: one), our husbands, our busy days and then: our homes. She recently moved into the home of her dreams, and after talking about that for a while, she turned things around saying, “what about you? Are you still loving your place?”
This October will mark four years that we have been in this house, which is entirely too strange to think about as come January it will have been five years since I moved to Las Vegas.

I thought of my girlfriends’ question again this morning as I was playing around on the family room floor with my son, and was suddenly overcome with this intense need to document how the room looked right then, in that very moment.

We do everything in this room. It is the play room, the movie theater, where we snack between meals, where I work or curl up on the couch with a good book. It is where we entertain friends and family most often. It is the room where DJ learned to crawl, and then walk. It is full of memories.

This is the space in which we spend the most time together as a family, and in three months it could look completely different. Life is fleeting, dear friends, you need to forever embrace the little things.