All the Dust and Debris

Posted: July 11, 2015 by Rachel

I was 16 when I fell in love for the first time, and like any young girl at that age, I thought he was the be all and end all. I had no idea that there would be others after him.

He was sweet and kind, with big, light brown eyes and a smile that made everything seem instantly better, and I loved him. For over four years, we loved each other.  And when our relationship came to its end, when it became clear that we weren’t meant to be forever, I lost more than the love of a boy. I lost the love of a village; of friends and family who had been so intertwined in my life that I didn’t know where I ended and they began.

Often times I’m grateful that I moved away; that I don’t have to worry about the memories associated with places, things and people. I spent too much of my twenties running away from my mistakes and regrets. Here in Vegas, there is only Dominic; there are only our places, our things, our people. And all the dust and dirt and debris from my past is back there in Canada somewhere, floating around, unnoticed.

And all that’s ahead of me is him, and us, and this family we have built.

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  • Carrie Sunday July 13, 2015 at 1:47 pm

    Starting in a new place with a relationship that doesn't need the past is the best. A new place directs your focus to what is important now. Greg and I moved to a new place for both of us, and I feel like I left the old broken heart behind and have no daily reminders of ex-boyfriends and old hurts. That's my favorite thing about our new home.


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