Currently (July)

Posted: July 16, 2015 by Rachel

Outside: our bathing suits are perpetually drying on the clothing line, our fingers and toes wrinkled from all the time we’re spending cooling off in the pool. I watch DJ grow more adventurous with every passing day, dipping further and further into the water, a perpetual smile plastered on his curious face. He is the best thing I have done in life. 

Inside: after another night of waking some time after midnight to kick off the thick bedspread, I bought a beautiful coral herringbone blanket to take its place. How something so small as this has me smiling from ear to ear each time I walk into the bedroom, I will never understand, but I’m grateful for everything uplifting in my life.

Hoping: that the words keep flowing the way they have been as of late. It felt as though my first book simply poured out of me, and I’m crossing all fingers that this next one does the same. I can’t put into words just how much more I feel like myself when the words are flowing.

Wanting: like last month, I’m wanting something to look forward to.

Eating: my first taste of Indian food since my trip to San Francisco in 2012. I sat across the table from a friend who told me about how her past is affecting her future as I sat in quiet agreement. If only the past didn’t shape who we are today I would say to hell with it.

Listening: to my body when it says slow down; to my heart when it says be still; and to my son when he is saying be patient.

Remembering: how beautiful my hometown is in the fall; the way the streets explode in red, yellow and orange and the nights become still. 

Writing:  as though I have found a space where I might just fit in perfectly.