Posted: April 5, 2016 by Rachel

I’ve gone through periods before where I’m stuck and can’t seem to get anything written down. But this… this feels awfully different. Too different. Fresh off the heels of writing and publishing Losing Lily, I dove right into writing BEING LEAH, and to say that it has been an epic struggle would be an understatement.

Obviously, I know how this book is going to go:

Boy and Girl met in previous book; went through some stuff, but found a way to be together. Here is where their real story begins. Only it’s not that simple. The past doesn’t want to stay in the past. But in the end, love wins, because, hello… everyone wants a HEA (happily ever after). I could choose not to write it that way, but really… I just can’t bring myself to. I love these characters. Even I am rooting for them.

This book has been coming along so slowly that I — the pantser — actually sat down for an afternoon and laid everything out, plotting my way around this and that. And now I have a plan.

I thought for sure that this would be the answer to my problems. But no.

Still nothing.

I’m not going to call it writer’s block, because that feels like I’m letting it win. What I’m going to do is sit down tonight and dig in to it. I mean really dig in to it. And over the course of this week I’m going to see if I can give it the attention it deserves… if I can give it wings to fly… if it has legs…

You get the picture.

Please send all the coffee.

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