The day I still didn’t write

Posted: February 18, 2017 by Rachel

Today I opened up my WIP for the first time in ten days.

I’m meeting a girlfriend for a movie and decided to stop for coffee first. At the last minute I slipped my laptop into my purse in hopes that I might feel inclined to get back to work. I ordered a small lunch and a coffee and ate in silence. Then I pulled out my laptop and opened Scrivener.

And nothing.

Forty minutes until I leave to meet my friend.

(I found this website, which lead me to read this post, which I kind of needed to, really).


(If I’m stuck—which I am—should I be moving on to something else for now?)


And now, ten minutes until I have to meet her, and all I’ve managed is to write this little stream of conscious post about nothing much at all.

Fuck. What a complete waste of time.