July Reading List

It’s been hot as heck here in Las Vegas this month. I mean, uncomfortably so. I don’t spend much time outside when the weather is like this, unless I’m in the pool. And if I’m in the pool, I want to be laying in our new margarita pool float with a book in my hand.

Most of what I read this month, though, I read inside where there is air conditioning and iced coffee never too far out of reach. My kid has even taken to pick up a book off my shelf, slid back onto the couch and open it. “I’m mama!” he says, laughing hysterically. To his credit, he is pretty damn cute when he does it.

What I read in July

In Progress

Here’s what I’m currently reading:

  • We Are Never Meeting in Real Life — I’ve been on the wait list for this ebook at the library for quite a while and am so happy to finally be jumping in.
  • The First Taste — because I’m slowly working my way through all the Jessica Hawkins books on my iPad.

Coming Up

If you want keep up with what I read during the month, follow me on instagram @racheldelxo and @alovelettertobooks.

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