303 Miles to Phoenix + John Mayer In Concert

We drove 303 miles to Phoenix last week.

I have to preface this post by saying that I have the best husband ever. Not once since I said, “John Mayer is playing in Phoenix next week, we should go” did he tell me that I’m crazy, or complain, or try to change my mind (and we had just seen him here in Vegas at the end of April). Instead, he got on the phone with his parents to ensure they could take DJ for the night.

We were a little too early in getting to Phoenix (the dinner place I’d chosen didn’t open until 5) so we drove around downtown for a little while just checking it out. Then, once it opened, we headed over to The Duce, which may be one of the coolest places I’ve eaten in, besides Pinewood Social in Nashville.

They had a pretty comprehensive menu, so we chose the slider platter.

After dinner we parked and walked over to the arena. Some band called The Night Game opened (which I hadn’t heard of before, and will promptly forget, unfortunately) and then at shortly after 9pm, John Mayer took the stage.

I try not to be a negative person, but the set list was a little disappointing. I mean, he didn’t even play Still Feel Like Your Man, which didn’t make sense to me. His show that we went to back in Vegas at the end of April was much better, but I was still thrilled to be seeing him live again.

Initially we had intended on driving to and from Phoenix the same day, but decided that was a little crazy. Instead, we booked a cheap motel for that night a little over an hour outside of Phoenix to break up the drive a bit. I thought (seriously) about bringing my own bed sheets.

We ran into a bit of trouble with our room in that, when we got back from the concert at midnight, sticky and sweaty from the Phoenix humidity, we stepped into the shower only to find out the cold water wasn’t working.

Yes, we somehow managed to bathe in boiling hot water and live to tell the tale. I wouldn’t recommend it, tbh. We did complain, though, and got a 25% reimbursement–score.

After less than six hours of sleep interrupted by the sound of transport trucks on the highway outside our window, we packed up and drove the 303 miles back home. Of course, there were episodes of The Office.

And I would do it all over again in a heart beat.

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