3 Things From The Past Week | 21

Posted: September 10, 2017 by Rachel



Even though I woke up too early—and with a headache from drinking too much wine and not enough water the night before—I can feel it.

The drive. The urge.

I know even before I open my laptop that I’m going to kill my word count today. I feel good (again, despite the headache). I feel more and more like myself as the words flow.

I’m smiling as I write. It feels like so long since I’ve felt this way.  I could do this, I think. Really do this.

Everything feels different when you’re up in the mountains. The air is significantly cooler, more fresh. I can breathe here. It’s quiet. Everything moves more slowly.

Even myself.

As I write this I’m almost halfway into my three day weekend in Brian Head, Utah with two girlfriends. One is working on her third book, the other is starting her first.

It’s impossible to ignore the electricity flowing through the room right now.

I can’t wait to see what we create.


I fell asleep for forty minutes in the car on the drive home from Brian Head and when I woke up, we were driving through the Gorge; these twisting, turning roads right through the mountains. The thought came over me so suddenly that I almost laughed out loud. It started with the reminder that tomorrow is Monday; that it’s back to work. And I thought, what if it was all in my hands?


I do and don’t want to go back home.

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