Seven years to the day

Posted: January 28, 2017 by Rachel

I remember the day like it was yesterday.

I woke in my apartment sometime around 2am and turned to look at my Blackberry like I’d done so many nights before. It was flashing red, meaning I had an email. I was half asleep when I read the email from my boss, introducing me to some guy named Dom from Las Vegas. I responded to my boss with a well thought out, “Vegas?!

That was January 28th, 2010.


We spoke on the phone for the first time on February 8. For three hours.

Dom flew out, and we met in person for the first time on March 5.

I visited him in Vegas for the first time on May 7.

June 4, he flies out to visit me again. He wanted to be with me on my birthday (the seventh).

Dom tells me he loves me. It is June 19, 2010.

On July 4th we begin to talk about a future together.

I finally get the nerve to tell Dom I love him, too. It is July 21, 2010.

We are engaged in Las Vegas on September 6th, 2010.

On January 22, 2011, I move to Las Vegas.

We are married April 2, 2011.


It’s been seven years since I received that very first email and my god am I grateful that I did. Because I cannot—will not—imagine my life without him.


All the Dust and Debris

Posted: July 11, 2015

I was 16 when I fell in love for the first time, and like any young girl at that age, I thought he was the be all and end all. I had no idea that there would be others after him. He was sweet and kind, with big, light brown eyes and a smile that made everything seem instantly better, and I loved him. For over four years, we loved each other.  And when our relationship came to its end, when it became clear that we weren’t meant to be forever, I lost more than the love of a boy….

dear husband

Posted: May 29, 2014

you work so hard for us. every day you’re pushing yourself harder and harder to support us, your little family. i know that sometimes it can be really tough out there doing it on your own, and i just want to say: thank you. thank you for being you. thank you for being as hard working, intelligent and amazing as you are. yesterday we did something for you. we got you your dream car. and that smile on your face? the excitement in your voice? worth every penny, my love. i’m happy we could make one of your dreams come…

i’m not ashamed to admit it

Posted: May 22, 2014

i have this thing for men in their forties. rob lowe, patrick dempsey, robert downey jr. i tell dom: “heck, it bodes well for you.” i’m not sure what it is, though. maybe: the sexy salt and pepper hair that they’re experienced that they have their sh*t together their confidence and a few (hundred) other things dom is thirty-eight and looking better than he did the day i met him. (i’ve never told him that, maybe i should) men are so lucky that way. they get better with age so i say to him, as he complains about the growing number…

love and dating

Posted: March 19, 2014

i was terrible at dating. it most likely stemmed from my shyness, and my lack of faith in myself and my looks. sometimes, when sitting in a coffee shop or out at a movie theatre and a good looking guy walked by, making me nudge my girlfriend, while we both looked on in awe, i would stop and wonder if i ever had that effect on a guy. was i the type of woman that men looked at? once, twice? i’ve always been terribly self-concious about the way i look. i was a late bloomer, teased mercilessly by all the…

Dear Husband

Posted: March 22, 2012

Some days, when I’m having a particularly rough time I close my eyes and sit perfectly still, and if I’m lucky the hustle and bustle of the office disappears leaving only me with my thoughts. It is in these moments that I do my dreaming. I plot out a life full of creating, capturing and loving. Of homemade dinners and family get togethers. Of herb gardens and weathered hardcover books. It is a life in which I find peace, comfort and limitless love; and I know – without a shadow of doubt – that you will always be right there…