3 Things From The Past Week | 16

1. I can’t quite remember how it came up, or why, but last night, after I put my son to bed, I said to Dom, “Look at the guys I comment on, they’re always older. Robert Downey Jr, Charles Esten, Kevin Richardson…” I turned to him, “I wonder what that says about me? Is it because I’m a total daddy’s girl?”

He said, unblinking, “I think it’s probably the opposite. It’s probably that you want someone to take care of you. Someone responsible. Someone older.”

I nodded, because that has always been true.

“Look at you as an example,” I said. “When we met, you were more of a man than anyone I’d ever dated. You owned a home, you were solid, you had a good head on your shoulders.”

Many of you may not know the whole story of how Dom and I got together, but let me tell you: we got lucky, him and I. We knew we aligned on the big picture items, but the little stuff — the kind of everyday stuff that can make or break a relationship — we had to figure that out after we were married. We had to play it by ear.

It’s not to say that it’s been an easy road, but then again, you don’t get married thinking it will be easy. I can say this though: Dom was — and continues to be — exactly what and whom I needed.

2. Kelsey, An online friend of mine has started sharing her writing online. It’s raw and honest and sometimes full of expletives… and incredibly refreshing.

A while back, Suzy and I talked about how there aren’t many “real” blogs left. You know; non-curated, sponsored, only-care-about-the-perfect-keywords-and-monthly-hits kind of blogs that seem to rule the online space these days.

Well, Kelsey’s blog isn’t like that, and I hope it never is.

She’s been writing for a while, but to see her passion grow and grow over the past six months has been a pretty incredible thing to witness. Her passion inspires me to push harder.

3. I sent my mom a photo of my son touching a snake at a kid’s birthday party yesterday with the caption, “he doesn’t get his fearlessness from me.” I couldn’t go anywhere near the thing, even though it was pretty small, but DJ went right up and touched it without prompting. My heart soared. That’s my kid, I thought. I hope he never loses that sense of wonder, that desire to jump.